We are an approved vendor for all the major film and television studios:

Castle Rock Pictures, CBS Productions, Columbia Pictures, Dimension Films, DreamWorks SKG, Fox Searchlight, Hallmark Entertainment, HBO Pictures, MGM/UA, Miramax Films, NBC Studios, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Playboy Entertainment Group, Revolution Studios, Sony Pictures, Spelling Television, Touchstone Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, USA Films, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Brothers.

We also are major providers for some of the top-quality print advertising & video companies for commercials, music videos, infomercials, corporate:

A Band Apart, Agency Group, Anonymous Content, Atlas, Bisquit Filmworks, Cohn & Co., Cognito Films, Coppos Films, Crossroads Films, Cylo, DNA Inc., FM Rocks, Gartner, Giraldi-Suarez, Go Films, Green Dot Pictures, Headquarters of Los Angeles, HKM, HSI, JGF, Johnson-Burnett, Mars Media, Maxim Magazine, MJZ, Moving Image, Moxie Pictures, Oil Factory, NBC On-Air Promotions, Omaha Pictures, Partizan, Pytka,, Raymond Entertainment, Ritts-Hayden, RSA USA, Sincbox, Stiefel + Co., T-30, Talbots Photo Production, The End, The Story Co., Tombo, Tool of North America, Traktor, Villians and X-Ray.

Fullfilling the specifics protective needs of all our high-end locations.


Television Series

Alias – Touchstone (ABC)

All That 7 – Nickelodeon (Nick)

Angel – 20th TV (WB)

Arrested Development – 20th TV (FOX)

Bent- Open 4 Business (NBC)

Boomtown - NBC Studios (NBC)

Buffy the Vampire … – 20th TV (WB)

Century City – Universal (CBS)

Cold Case  – Warner Bros. TV (CBS)

CSI N.Y.- CBS Prods.(CBS)

Curb Your Enthusiam – HBO (HBO)

Danny – Big Ticket Productions (CBS)

Deep – Spelling TV (WBTV)

Dexter – Blind Decker Prods. (SHO)

The District – CBS Prods. (CBS)

Do Over – Paramount TV (WBTV)

DoggyFizzle TeleVizzle – MTV (MTV)

Even Steven – Kid Bros. Prods. (Disney)

Extreme Dating – Universal (UPN)

Family Law – CBS Prods. (CBS)

Fast Lane – Warner Bros. TV (ABC)

Fear Factor – Lock & Key Prods. (NBC)

Felicity – Touchstone (ABC)

Firestarter - USA Networks (USA)

First Monday – Paramount (CBS)

Jamie Kennedy Exp. – Paramount (WB)

Joan Of Arcadia – Sony (CBS)

Just Cause – Pax TV (PAX)

Karen Cisco – Universal TV (ABC)

Gideon’s Crossing – Touchstone (ABC)

Gilmore Girls – Warner Bros (WBTV)

Guardian – Columbia TV (CBS)

High Incident – High Inc. Prods. (ABC)

Lucky – Train Wreck Prods. (FX)

Lyon’s Den – 20th TV (NBC)

The Man Show – Funhouse (Comedy Ctl)

Martial Arts – Touchstone (ABC)

Miss Match – 20th Century (NBC)

NCIS L.A.- CBS Prods.(CBS)

Nip Tuck- WBTV (FX)

NYPD Blue – Steven Bocho (ABC)

Once & Again – Disney TV (ABC)

Out of Timers – Kid Bros. (Disney)

Pacific Blue – USA Networks (USA)

Providence - NBC Studios (NBC)

Push, NV. – Touchstone (ABC)

The Practice – 20th TV (ABC)

Presidio Med – Warner TV (CBS)

Providence – NBC Studio (NBC)

RHD – CBS Productions (CBS)

Rizzoli & Isles- HorizonTV (TNT)

Sabrina, The Teenage – Paramount (WB)

Scandal-  FTP Prods.(ABC)

7 Days – Paramount (UPN)

7TH Heaven – Spelling TV (WB)

The Practice - David E. Kelley (ABC)

The Shield – Barn Prods. (FX)

Skin – Warner Bros. (WB TV)

6 Feet Under – HBO (HBO)

Snoops - David E. Kelley (ABC)

TAES – TAES Inc. (Univision)

That Was Then – Touchstone (ABC)

Thats Life – Paramount (UPN)

Threat Matrix – Touchstone (ABC)

24 – Universal (Fox)

West Wing – Warner Bros. TV (NBC)

Without A Trace - Warner Bros. (NBC)


TV Specials & Telefilms (MOW)


The Bachelor 2 – Telepics. Prods. (ABC)

The Bachelor 3 – Telepics. Prods. (ABC)

Columbo – Universal TV

Dead Hollywood… – Hallmark Ent.

Dinner With Friends – HBO (HBO)

Elie’s Theory – Touchstone (ABC)

Extreme Truth – Playboy TV

Friends till the end – NBC Studios (NBC)

The Grammy’s – Merv Griffin Prods.

Green Light Project – HBP Pics. (HBO)

If These Walls…2 – HBO Pics. (HBO)

James Dean Story – Turner Films (TNT)

Killing Mr. Griffin – NBC Studios (NBC)

Lansky – HBO Pictures (HBO)

Life of the Party – ABC Pics. (ABC)

Live From Baghdad - HBO Pics.(HBO)

Marriage Clause – Segall Prods.  (ABC)

Married By America – Chemical (FOX)

MTV Music Video Awards - MTV (MTV)

My Big Fat…Fiance – Rocket Sci. (Fox)

My Sister’s Keeper – Hallmark Ent.

OJ Simpson Story – TVM Prods. (TNT)

OOOPH! – BD Productions (Showtime)

Point of Origin – HBO Pictures (HBO)

Poodle Springs – HBO Pictures (HBO)

2nd Civil War – HBO Pictures (HBO)

Seven Lives Exposed – Playboy Ent.

Stevens Get Even – Rid Bros. (Disney)

Surreal Life -  Mindring Prods. (WB TV)

These Old Broads – Sony Pictures

Winchell – HBO Pictures (HBO)



Feature films


Absolute Power – Columbia

Adaptation – Sony Pictures

Alex & Emma – Franchise Pictures

Ali – Columbia

America’s Sweethearts – Revolution

Anti-Trust – MGM

Apt Pupil – Columbia

Argo -  Warner Bros.

Austin Powers 2 – New Line Cinema

Aviator – Warner Bros.

Baby Boy – Sony

Bad Boys 2 – Columbia

Bad Santa – Dimension Films

Bandits – MGM

Battle For Shaker… – Green Light

Be Cool – MGM

Being John Malkovich – Propaganda

Big Fat Liar – Universal

Black Hawk Down – Revolution

Blast from the past – New Line Cinema

Breakup Handbook – Columbia Picts.

Bruce Almighty – Universal

Catch Me If You Can – Dreamworks

The Cell – New Line Cinema

Clock Stoppers – Paramount

Collateral – Dreamworks

Con Air – Touchstone

Crazy In Alabama – Sony

Daddy Day Care – Revolution Studios

Dr. Dolittle 2 – 20TH Century Fox

Drowning Mona – Jersey Films

Duece Bigelow: Male… – Touchstone

Duplex – Miramax

8 millimeter – columbia

Fallen – Turner Pictures

Fear & Loathing in … – Warner Bros.

Fight Club – 20th century fox

15 minutes – new line cinema

50 First dates – Happy Madison Prods.

Girlfriends – Playboy Ent. Group

tHE Glass House -  Columbia

Go! – Sony

Godzilla – Sony

Gone in 60 seconds – Touchstone

Good Burger – Paramount

Hanging Up – Columbia

Helldorado – Universal

Hollywood Homicide – Revolution

I Am Sam – Avery Pix

I’ll be you – Sony

Identity – Columbia Pictures

Integris – American Film Institute

Italian Job – Paramount Pictures

Jay And Silent Bob… – Miramax

Jello Shots - New Line Cinema

Just Married – 20th Century Fox

Kicking & Screaming – Universal

Last Samurai – Warner Bros.

Legally Blonde – MGM

Lethal Weapon 4 – Warner Bros.

Life as a House – Avery Pix

Living out loud – MGM

Looney Tunes:Back in… – Warner Bros.

Love & basketball – New Line Cinema

Luck – Crossover

Magnolia – New Line Cinema

Master of Disguise – Revolution

Matchstick Men – Warner Bros.

A Mighty Wind – Castle Rock

Million Dollar Hotel – Road Movies

Mod Squad – MGM

Molly – MGM

Monkeybone – Sony

Mulholland Drive - Walt Disney

Murder By Numbers – Castle Rock

Mystery, Alaska – walt Disney

National Security – Columbia

National Treasure – Touchstone

Nurse Betty – Warner Bros.

The One – Revolution

One Hour Photo – Fox Searchlight

Old School – Dreamworks

One Hour Photo – Fox Searchlight

Pirates of the Carribean – Walt Disney

Pitch Black 2 – Universal

Planet of the Apes – 20th Century Fox

Raising Helen – Disney

The Ring – Dreamworks

Rules of Attraction - Attract Prods.

Runaway Jury -  Jury Prods.

Salton Sea - Castle Rock

Scream 2 – Dimension

Scream 3 – Dimension

Seabiscuit – Universal

Showtime – Warner Bros.

Simone – New Line Cinema/Avery Pix

Sleepover – MGM

Soldier – Warner Bros.

Something’s Gotta Give – Columbia

Spartan – Warner Bros.

Spiderman 2 – Sony

Starsky & Hutch – Warner Bros.

Surviving Christmas – Dreamworks

Sweetest Thing – Columbia

Swordfish – Warner Brothers

Thirteen - Venice Surf Club

13 Days – Universal

13th Floor – Sony

Vegas Vacations – Warner bros.

View From The Top – Miramax

What Women Want – Columbia

Whole ten Yards – Warner Brothers

Win a Date with Tad… – Dreamworks

X-4 Project – Revolution/Sony

X-files – 20th Century Fox

Zoolander – Paramount






ABC Promo – Stun Creative

ABC Promo/Heroes – L. Lussier Prods.

ABC Promo/Marry Me – Triage Ent.

Aerobed – Infinnity

Air Press – Raymond Ent.

All the Right Moves – Raymond Ent.

Baparoma – Infinnity

CBS Sports Promo – Oil Factory

CDHS PSA – La Banda Films

CCFP – Stiefel + Company

Comfort-Trac – Infinnity

Country Store – Hanover Direct

D-Snore – Y-Not Productions

E.on – Motion Blur

Heartheware – Infinnity

Hollywood Trainer – Infinnity

NBC Promo/Scrubs – NBC On-Air Promos

Internet…- Make It Happen Prods.

Irv Gotti Presents – Mars Media

Joys of House… - Think Huge Prods

LTT Spot – Raymond Ent.

Mentalist – Triage ENt.

Miami Ice Raps - USA Networks

Micro Radiant Cooker – Infinnity

One To One – Future Thunder

PCs Made Easy – Auster Productions

Power Box Boxer – DCD Incorporated

Rejen – It Really Works

BMW:Remembrance – Franciscan

Scooby Doo Trailer – Peter Tangen

Spike TV Promo – Crossroads Films

Star Shoot Promo – ABC Pictures

Team One – Team One Comms. Inc.

Thankgiving wraparound - TNN

Their Hearts Were… – Franciscan

Tomorrows – Joanne Forsyte Prods.

Toon Disney – Promo Duality Prods.

Wedding Singer promo – DDB Prod (TNT)

WWE Promo - Johnson-Burnett




Activision – MJZ

Acuvue – non-fic-tion spots

ADlink – Gargani Productions

Aerobed – Infinnity

Air National Guard – Porter Film

All State – The Story Co.

American Airlines – HSI

AOL – Moxie Pictures

Ask – Moving Image

AT&T – Minder

Audi – Omaha Pictures

Bank of america – Johnson/burnett

Bayer Aspirin – Tombo

Bell South – Porter Film

Blue Cross – Gartner

British Telecom – Omaha

Budweiser – A Band Apart

Buick – RSA USA

Build a Bear – Crossroads Films

Burger King – Cohn & Co.

Burger King – Element 104

Cadillac – Palomar

California Lottery – Coppos Films

California State Lottery – Cielo Films

Canon – Ritts/Hayden

Carl’s Jr. – Moving Image

Cascade – Open Frame Prods.


Cellular South – Atlas

Chrysler – @radical media

Cingulair – Gartner

Cisco Systems – Pytka

Clairol – RSA USA

Clear Blue – Smuggler

Colorox – Visitor

COca-COLA – T minus 30

COMP USA – Cognito films

Crayola – Biscuit

Dell – HeadQuarter

Deutsche Post II – Comms. While-U-Wait

Dial – Ritts/Hayden

Disney – Pytka

Direct TV – Bob Industries

Dunkin Donuts – BISQUIT

E-Trade – Hungry man

Estee Lauder – brian howard for Prod.

Fantastik – Z Group

First Five – Celcius Films

1st National Bank – Coppos

Fleet bank – Hsi

Foot Locker – Rock Hard Films

Ford – Film Neutron

Ford – IPS

Fresh Step – Green Dot

Fujiya – P.I.G.

Genuity – Cohn & Co.

Glade – A&R group

Got Milk? – Steifel + Co.

H&R Block – Crossroads

Hallmark – MJZ

Hallmark – Pytka

Hardee’s – Chelsea Pictures

Harry Potter – HKM

Heineken – Traktor

Hershey’s syrup – Anonymous Content

Hoover – Dektor – Traktor

IBM – Pytka

Infiniti – Omaha Pictures

J. Crew – HSI

J.C. Penney – Gartner

J.C. Penney – Extension

J.C. Penney – Omaha Pics.

Jaguar – Oil Factory

Jiffy Lube – @radical

Kaiser Permanente – IPS

Kelloggs – HKM

Kelloggs – Scream

KIA – Stiefel + Company

Kodak – EXP Productions

Kohl’s – Bravozulu

Labatt’s Blue – Moxie

Leap Frog – Schofield Films

Lexus – MJZ

Lincoln Navigator – Cohn & Co.

Lincoln Navigator – Pytka

Linens & Things – Directorz

Little Debbie – hkm

Loews – Creative Film Management

Loews – Gartner

Maaco Auto Painting - Avalanche

Mail Boxes Etc. – Tool

May Co. – Villians

Marriott Hotels – harvest

Maybelline – HSI

McDonald’s – Cohn & Co.

McDonald’s  – Sunspots

Merrill Lynch – Sattelite

MGD – Headquarters of LA

MGD  – Moxie

Microsoft – Biscuit Films

Milk of Magnesia – Green Dot

Miller Lite – HSI

Miller Lite – RSA

Minute Maid – Pytka

Mitchum Roll-on – MJZ


National Bank – Omaha Pictures

Natrol – Infinnity

Nexium – HKM

N.Y. Times – Partizan

Oil of Olay – Epoch

Olay Complete – Cylo

Outback Steakhouse –

Pier 1 – Moxie

P.T. Cruiser – oil Factory

Pepsi – Pytka

Pharma – Giraldi-Suarez

Pizza Hut – Incubator

Playtex – Go Films

Purina One – Stiefel & Company

Ragu – HQ

Recruit – Protean Image Group

Ritz Crackers –

Safeway – Harvest

Sam Adams – PJS

San Diego Zoo – A Pictures

Sav-on – Green Dot

SBC – Hungry Man

Sears – Cucoloris

Sega – Stiefel & Company

Slimfast – Milagro

Snickers – Bisquit

Sonic – A Band Apart

SOny – Gartner

Sonic – A Band Apart

SOny – Pytka

Southern Comfort – @radical

Southwest Airlines – Oil Factory

Southwest Airlines – M-80

Special K – Anonymous Content

Sprint – Tool

Sprint – Crossroads Films

Sprint PCS – A+R Group

State Farm – The Story Co.

Stouffer’s – Cylo – HSI

TJ Maxx – Tony Kaye & Partners

Taco Bell – Anonymous

Taco Bell – JGF

Toshiba – Biscuit

Triaminic – HQ

Tropicana – HQ

Tylenol – Giraldi-Suarez

U.S. Postal Service – Plum Prods.

Ultimate TV – Biscuit Films

Verizon – HSI

Victoria’s Secret – The Institute

Virgin Mobile – HSI

Visa – MJZ

Visa – Serious Pictures

Volvo – Propaganda

Wall Street Journal – MJZ

Walt Disney Orlando – Tombo

Web Central/Grammy’s – Merv Griffin

Yamaha – X 1 Films

Yoplait – Coppos

Zyrtec – On Site


Music Videos


Absoulute – Squeak

Alicia Keyes – Mars media

Angie Stone – Mars Media

Avant- F-Filmz

Avant – R.A.W.

Baja Men – FM Rocks

Big Bros.-Big Sisters – A Band Apart

Bleu – A Band Apart

Brian Adams – R.A.W.

Busta Rhymes – Partizan

C-Murder – Geneva Films

Chico & Cool Wadda – Adrenalin Films

Christina Milian  – FM Rocks

Crystal – FM Rocks

Crystal Lewis – Broken Poet Films

Dave Hollister – Raven Knite

Evan & Jaron – Eagle Cove

Exhale – Geneva Films

Fighting Temptations – FM Rocks

Finch – Earthquake Prods.

Frankie J – Clever Films

From Zero – FM Rocks

Godhead – DNA

Godsmack – Cyclops Film

Jaguar – Oil Factory

Jaheim p – Clever Films

Jay Z – FM Rocks

Jennifer Lopez – HSI

Jimmy Cozier – Clover Films

Ke’noe – Copper Video

King Koil – Sterling Winters

L.L. Cool J – Mars media

Latif – Clever Films

Latrelle – Clever Films

Lil’ Zane – Few Miles North

Lionel Richie – HSI

Lucy Pearl – Few Miles North

Madonna – DNA

Madonna – Veneno

Mariah Carey – Palomar

Marilyn Manson – Geronimo Film

Musiq Soul Child – Partizan

Nelly – Mars Media

Offspring – FM Rocks

Pink – Black Dog Films

Poverty – Form

Queen Latifah – FM Rocks

R.L. – Mars Media

Ron Isley – Geneva Films

Snoop Doggy Dog – League of America

Shaggy – FM Rocks

Spineshank – Palomar

Syleena – Robot Films

Unwritten Law – DNA

Wheatus – Extension/Propaganda

Wino – Rojam



Print Ads


3M – Kathryn Ledner Photography

Dove – Peter Orth Photography

Financial Times – On Site

Hot Cotton – Richard Hume Photo

John B. – Norman Jean Ray Studios

Joseph Abboud – Glover Group

Max Amazing – Maxim Magazine

Neiman Marcus – On Site

Scudder…  – Kathryn Ledner Photo

Seventeen – Seventeen Magazine

St. Vincents Medical… – Winston West  

Talbots – Talbots Photo Prod.

The Limited – Prods. in the sun

Vanity Fair – Socal Productions

Versace – Meyler & Company

Yves St. Laurent – Five B Ranch


Special Events & Public

Service Announcements


Bay days – Agency Group

Booster Seats/PSA –

Echo PSA –

Gov.’s Spot/Riordan – Cimarron Group

TV Spot/Schwarzenegger – Homestead

Heal the Bay – Agency Group

Homefront/PSA – Fuse Films

MOCA Event  – Agency Group

partnership for …/PSA – harvest films

Phillip Morris/PSA – Eric Rassmussen

Proposition 49  – Gryphon Production

Rock the Vote/PSA – Pytka

Teen Suicide/PSA – On The Scene Prods.

Truth/PSA – JGF

W. Gruel/City Council – Weissworks





Castle Green

E-Toys Building

Ennis-Brown House—Wright

Freman Mansion

Goldstein House—J. Lautner

Naiditch House—Dean Nota

Oviatt Building/Penthouse

Pacific Design Center

Sowden House—FL Wright

Stahl House—Pierre Koenig

Stealth Bomber Building

Zane Grey Estate—M. Hunt



All Saint’s Church, Pasadena

First Precious Blood Church

First Presbyterian Church

L. Ron Hubbard Building

Masonic Temple, Pasadena

St. Anthony’s Church

St. Mary’s Academy

St. Vincent De Paul

Scientology Building

Scientology Hollywood Ctr.

United Methodist Church

University Synagogue



Arco Center

Banco Popular Building

Barney’s Dept. Store

Bay Harbor Hospital

Brotman Medical Center

California Federal Building

Cal Plaza

Chase Building

Comerica Building

Encino Gateway Building

Epson Building, Torrance

Figueroa Plaza

First Interstate Tower

Gas Company Tower

Good Samaritan Hospital

Hustler Casino

Iturralde Art Gallery

Kenneth George Salon

Long Beach Hospital

Lamborghini Dealership

Macy’s, Pasadena

Nikken World Headquarters

North Hollywood Hospital

Parker Brothers Building

Promenade, Woodland Hills

SAG Pension Building

Sci-Fi Building

Sony Pictures Ent. Building

St. Luke’s Hospital, Pasadena

Stephen J. Cannell Building

Union Bank Of Los Angeles

Verizon Building


Estates/Private Clubs

Alta Dena Country Club

California Yacht Club

La Canada Country Club

Manhattan Country Club

Maison St. Croix

Yaughtin Estate



Cal Tech

City Council Chambers

Coburn School

City Hall, L.A.

CSULA Gymnasium


L.A. Central Library

LAPD Museum

L.A. County Courthouse

Loyola Law School Library

Metro Resources Building

Metropolitan Water District

Mt. St. Mary’s College

Occidental College

Pasadena Library

San Pedro Muni. Courthouse

Southwestern School Of Law

UCLA Library

USC – Mudd Hall

VA Hospital

Van Nuys Airport

Winward Plaza, Venice

World Chinese Trust



American Legion Bldg.

Arnold Schwartzanegger Ofc.

China Town Square

Barbara Streisand’s House

Doheny Mansion

Dorothy Chandler House

Gone With The Wind House

Greystone Mansion

Herald Examiner Bldg.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Huntington Library

Jimi Hendrix House

Jimmy Stewart Building

Mayor Riordan Residence

Patriotic Hall

Marilyn Monroe’s Estate

Old Fire House

Santa Anita Racetrack

Santa Monica Pier – Carousel

Shane Black Residence

Stephen J. Cannell House

Union Station

Unocal Building

Venice Boardwalk

Ventura Farms/Ranch



Ambassador Hotel

Argyle Hotel

Bel Age Hotel

Biltmore Hotel

Bonaventure Hotel

Century Plaza Hotel

Cicada Restaurant

Congo Room

Checkers Hotel

Garden Of Eden

Glendale Hilton

Hollywood Athletic Club

Hotel El Cortez, San Diego

Hotel Figueroa

L.A. Athletic Club

Los Angeles Marriott Hotel

Marriot Hotel—Redondo Bch

Meridian Hotel

Omni Hotel

Park Plaza Hotel

Pentola Restaurant

Pinot Restaurant

Radisson Hotel West

Reign Restaurant

Renaissance Hotel

Ritz Carlton – Marina Del Rey

Ritz Carlton- Pasadena

Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood

Shangri La Hotel

Shutters At The Beach

St. Regis Hotel

Standard Hotel

Sunset Marquis Hotel

The Gate

W Hotel

Water Grill

Wilshire Grand Hotel

Wyndham Emerald Hotel



Japanese American Museum


Natural History Museum, LA

Skirball Center-Auditorium



Anaheim Convention Center

Great Western Forum

L.A. Convention Center

Los Angeles Sports Arena

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Staples Center

UCLA Pauly Pavillion

USC Trojan Center

Valencia Bowl



Ahmanson Theatre

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion

Hollywood Palladium

Los Angeles Theatre

Mayan Theatre

Music Center, Los Angeles

Orpheum Theater

Wilshire Theater

Wilshire Ebell Theatre