Did You Know?

Board Patrol  has provided employment for over 200 people.

Board Patrol has worked on:

 6 Academy Award™ winners & 29 nominees

 32 Golden Globe™ winners & 45 nominees

3 Independent Spirit Award winners & 2 nominee

2 Cannes Film Festival winner

3 International Cinema Award winners

55 Emmy™ winners & 74 nominees

1 Grammy™ winning film

11 DGA Award winners & 19 nominees

9 SGA Award winners & 31 nominees

5 WGA Award winners & 17 nominees

9 PGA Golden Laurel Award winners & 12 nominees



Members of Board Patrol volunteer and support charities like Keys Academy, Lions Club & LAPD’s Jeopardy Program.  All which help our local communities.

Many of our employees have actually appeared on television and in films including, The Tonight Show, Days of Our Lives, Chabad Telethon, Shop Till You Drop, Almost Famous and The Howard Stern Show.

Many of our employees have actually gone on to become regular actors on soap operas and some are signed to record labels touring the world including several drummers, guitarists, rappers and a DJ.

We have employed people from all over the country and the world: Canada, Cuba, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Sweden, Ohio, Georgia, Iran, Israel, San Francisco, Washington, Illinois, Guatemala, New Jersey, Virginia, Mexico, Australia, New York, United Kingdom, Oklahoma and Alabama.

The record high amount of layout boards used at one location was 900 sheets; record low is 1.

Our Layout Boards have been used all over the country including Washington, Massachusetts, Nevada, San Francisco, New York, Arizona, New Mexico and as far as the Bahamas.

We have serviced homes of the rich & famous including, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jimi Hendrix, Mayor Richard Riordan, Writer Zane Grey, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dorothy Chandler, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Screen Writer Shane Black, Will Smith, Barbara Streisand, Producer Neil Moritz, Producer Michael Bay, Marilyn Monroe, Director/Screen Writer John Singleton, Howard Hughes, Director Paris Barkley and KROQ’s Jed the Fish.

The founder of Board Patrol was a long-haired Heavy Metal fan in his youth.

All our layout boards and tapes are manufactured in the USA.

We have serviced many private homes for remodels and construction.